White Cheese 1st Salt

White Cheese 1st Salt

Ingredients: sheep’s milk, pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.

SHELF – LIFE 180 days

The white cheese 1 ° salt is a fresh soft cheese. The taste is intense, of good sapidity since, after the manual pressing in fuscelle, it is placed in brine for 5 days and then aged for at least another 10-15 days. It is widely used as a table cheese. Moreover, thanks to the ease with which it is melted, it is also used for the preparation of first courses such as baked pasta, for the pizza topping, and for the preparation of the traditional Scacciate Catanesi. The milk used comes exclusively from Sicilian farms. Product without preservatives.


The cuts of our cheeses are made manually by knife, so the actual weight of the portioned slices may differ from that indicated at the time of the order of about 15% in excess or in default. It will be our responsibility to ensure that the total weight of the cheeses is equivalent to that ordered and paid. It is our habit to optimize in excess, but if the total weight of the cheese in delivery, should be less than 15% we will insert a slice (homage) of one of the ordered types, to compensate for the total weight missing.