Smoked Filamella

Smoked Filamella

Ingredients: pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.

Shelf life 60 days

Food based on cheese and salami Pork meat, salt, flavorings and spices, sucrose, dextrose. Antioxidants: E301 (sodium ascorbate) Conservative: E252 (Potassium Nitrate) E250 (Sodium Nitrite) produced by Az.Agricola Mulinello srl autorizzaz. EEC IT 2491 / M CE! ! Cheese with spun paste of whole pasteurized cow’s milk and salamella. Filamella is a delicious preparation obtained from the union of spun-dough cheese in which is enclosed a particular salami called “salamella”. The outer part has a straw-yellow color, with a smooth surface that takes shape from the salami contained inside. The filamella has a particular flavor, given by the contrast of the sweet cheese that, meeting with the spiced salamella, creates a fusion of tasty softness on the palate.


The cuts of our cheeses are made manually by knife, so the actual weight of the portioned slices may differ from that indicated at the time of the order of about 15% in excess or in default. It will be our responsibility to ensure that the total weight of the cheeses is equivalent to that ordered and paid. It is our habit to optimize in excess, but if the total weight of the cheese in delivery, should be less than 15% we will insert a slice (homage) of one of the ordered types, to compensate for the total weight missing.