Black cheese from Sicily

Black cheese from Sicily

Ingredients: sheep’s milk, pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments, ground black pepper 6%

SHELF-LIFE 210 days

Semi-hard cheese semi hard, with an absolutely intense and enveloping taste, rich in the aroma given by the finely ground black pepper refinement that covers the entire surface. After about 3 days from the production it is put for 72 hours in brine. Subsequently it is completely covered on the crust of a thick layer of freshly ground black pepper which, during the aging and aging period for about 60 days, rigorously on wooden tables, gives the particular spicy taste. The milk used comes exclusively from Sicilian farms. Product without preservatives.


The cuts of our cheeses are made manually by knife, so the actual weight of the portioned slices may differ from that indicated at the time of the order of about 15% in excess or in default. It will be our responsibility to ensure that the total weight of the cheeses is equivalent to that ordered and paid. It is our habit to optimize in excess, but if the total weight of the cheese in delivery, should be less than 15% we will insert a slice (homage) of one of the ordered types, to compensate for the total weight missing.